TVOC Monitor- Edificio de oficinas en el parque tecnológico





Project background

The office building is located in a high-tech park, it’s basement is connect with underground garage and kitchen, the office building is needed to to tackle the complex challenge associated with TVOC has risen above the acceptable standard during the working time especially in the morning.


Tongdy is an IAQ solution provider that is making a difference in helping you make the healthy indoor air quality. As one of the earliest companies in China engaged in air quality monitoring products, Tongdy has been always focusing on its strong technology development and design capabilities on the indoor air quality monitors.



Phase 1

Monitoring Period: 1st May - 27th May

Monitoring Place: 1st - 4th Floor of the office building Monitoring Product: MSD

Monitoring Gas: TVOC


Data Analyze result: TVOC reaches to peak in the early morning of everyday meanwhile the other time still remains high

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Improvement method


Through the analysis of underground public space, the TVOC comes from the underground kitchen; It is difficult to  isolate complete  by blocking all underground air intakes.

By simultaneous analyzing CO2 concentration, it is judged that the fresh air volume in the building is sufficient.

Adopting the method of reducing exhaust air in time intervals, so that the indoor positive pressure is maintained, making it difficult for underground air to enter the office building. So solve the problem of TVOC risen above the acceptable standard, to help build and maintain a healthy indoor environment.


Phase 2

Monitoring Period: 28th May- 5th June

Monitoring Place: 1st - 4th Floor of the office building Monitoring Product: MSD

Monitoring Gas: TVOC

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By comparing the Data at the peak and the trend of the curve, TVOC concentration significantly reduced. Tongdy’s MSD help you to make the right decision.

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 24 hour online real-time detecting Commercial Grade

Detection Gas: PM2.5, PM10, CO2, TVOC, HCHO, Temperature and Humidity

24VDC/VAC or 100~240VAC


Modbus RS485, WIFI, RJ45 Ethernet


Extra RS485 for WiFi/ Ethernet type to configure or check the measurements

Three-color light ring indicating different level of indoor air quality Ceiling mounting or wall mounting


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